Stepparent Adoptions

Stepparents considering adoption have typically established a strong and loving bond with a child, which leads to the desire to give the relationship legal status. Brian Kelly has more than 20 years’ experience working to build families through stepparent adoptions. The adoption process makes you the child’s legal parent and, as such, you and your spouse will:

  • Have the right to give your surname to the child
  • Have the right to participate in all major decisions regarding the child, including what happens if you and/or your spouse become incapacitated during the child’s minority
  • Assume sole legal responsibility for the welfare of the child
  • Be listed as the child’s parent on his or her birth certificate
  • Receive an expedited completion for uncontested adoption

Most stepparent adoptions occur when a divorced parent remarries and their new spouse adopts a child from a previous marriage. It is also common for a stepparent to adopt a child born out of wedlock.

Florida adoption law has provisions by which a stepparent can adopt a child without the consent of the noncustodial, biological parent.


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