Interstate Adoptions

Interstate adoption takes place when the birth mother and baby reside in a different state than the adoptive parents. The difference between intrastate (within the same state) and interstate is having to meet the requirements of both states’ laws and that of the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC).

ICPC Protection

The ICPC protects the child and states (i.e., Florida and the other state) so that:

  • The child is placed in a suitable environment.
  • The receiving state has the opportunity to assess that the proposed placement is not contrary to the interest of the child and that its applicable laws and policies have been followed before it approves the placement.
  • The sending state obtains enough information to evaluate the proposed placement.
  • The care of the child is promoted through appropriate jurisdictional arrangements.
  • The sending agency or individual guarantees the child’s legal and financial protection.

ICPC Expertise

Brian Kelly knows how to comply with ICPC provisions so that the placement is not jeopardized. He is one of only 17 board certified adoption attorneys in Florida and is dedicated solely to adoption law. With more than 25 years of experience, he has helped parents who have adopted children domestically to finalize their adoptions in the state courts within Florida.

As an adoption resource for prospective birth mothers, if you have questions or concerns about adoption, please contact him today. Brian is able to travel to meet with prospective birth mothers in any Florida community.