Adoptive Parents

Brian offers complete, comprehensive and individual adoption services to birth mothers and adoptive parents in a professional, caring and supportive manner. He provides assistance, legal advice and representation for identified, interstate, and family adoptions. He also locates and matches expectant mothers interested in placing their child into a quality, loving family environment with adoptive parents.

Limited Prospective Parent List

Unlike many agencies and other adoption professionals, Brian Kelly maintains a short list of prospective adoptive parents. Your profile will be presented to birth mothers more often, which greatly reduces the average waiting time to receive a baby.

Because birth mothers select the prospective adoptive family by reviewing the profile you prepare, it cannot be determined how quickly you will be matched. The less restrictive you are on the type of child and adoption that interests you, the less wait you may have.

Services for Adoptive Parents

Email Brian if you are ready to adopt today. If you are still trying to make a decision or find out additional information about whether becoming an adoptive parent is the right choice for you, start by reviewing our Information about Becoming Adoptive Parents.

For families ready to adopt now, services include:

  • Matching qualified adoptive parents with birth mothers
  • Implementing successful adoption plans in which adoptive parents are already matched with a birth mother (identified adoptions)
  • Providing adoptive parent profiles to birth mothers, which include personalized letters of introduction from the adoptive parents to the birth mother, pictures, and background information about the adoptive family
  • Providing adoptive parents with the birth mother’s background and medical information
  • Obtaining the birth mother’s prenatal records for review by a medical professional of the adoptive parents’ choice
  • Placement of the newborn child with adoptive parents upon discharge from the hospital
  • Complying with Interstate Compact requirements (if adoptive parents or birth mother reside outside of Florida)
  • Providing all legal services necessary to terminate the parental rights of the birth parents and finalization of the adoption by a Florida court (Adoptive parents living outside of the state of Florida are not usually required to return to Florida for the adoption finalization hearing.)
  • Obtaining a birth certificate for the newborn child with the adoptive parents’ information
  • Managing photos and updates between birth parents and adoptive parents, as applicable


The total cost of an adoption plan can vary widely depending on the type of the adoption (identified or unidentified), birth mother expenses, and medical costs, if applicable.

  • Affordable flat fees available
  • All major credit cards accepted for family adoptions