Adoption Services for Birth Mothers and Adoptive Parents

Brian Kelly is a board certified adoption attorney who specializes in helping match birth mothers and adoptive parents and implementing successful “identified adoptions” (adoption plans for adoptive parents and birth mothers who are already matched). He also works with family and grandparent adoptions, stepparent adoptions, and interstate adoptions (in which either the birth mother or adoptive parent lives outside of Florida). His services include:

  • Identifying and assisting birth mothers by providing counseling, medical care, housing, clothing, transportation, and other financial assistance for living expenses at no cost to them
  • Matching birth mothers with qualified adoptive parents
  • Providing birth mothers with adoptive parent profiles, which include pictures and background information about the adoptive family
  • Providing adoptive parents with the birth mother’s background and medical information
  • Obtaining the birth mother’s prenatal records for review by a medical professional of the adoptive parents’ choice
  • Placement of the newborn child with adoptive parents upon discharge from the hospital
  • Providing all legal services necessary to terminate the parental rights of the birth parents and finalization of the adoption by a Florida court (Adoptive parents living outside of the state of Florida are not usually required to return to Florida for the adoption finalization hearing.)
  • Complying with Interstate Compact requirements if either the adoptive parents or birth mother reside outside of Florida