Board Certified Adoption Expert

Brian T. Kelly is one of the first attorneys in the state of Florida to become board certified in adoption law by the Florida Bar.

There are only 17 board certified adoption attorneys in the state, three that practice in Duval County, including Brian and his partner, Michael A. Shorstein.  These board certified attorneys are the only Florida lawyers allowed to identify or advertise themselves as specialists or experts in the field of adoption law.

Why Adoption Law Board Certification Matters

  • Provides important protection for birth mothers and adoptive parents
  • Distinguishes attorneys who have special knowledge, skills and proficiency in adoption law along with superior professionalism and ethics in their practice
  • Highest level of evaluation by The Florida Bar

Adoption is a complex process that involves more than just the preparation of legal documents. Florida adoption laws have changed almost every year over the last decade, and what once was a simpler, form-based process now requires an experienced, specialized, intuitive approach.

By choosing a board certified attorney, you know you are working with an attorney who is an adoption expert and understands the unique complexities of adoption laws.